About me


I’m Maria Costello, and I'd like to share with you a beautiful world that's all around us yet so often gets lost in our crazy lives. I hope that my creations bring positive energy and help you pause...

I spent my childhood in Moscow.

Maria Costello...Russian? Yeah. It gets better. Now this Russian-American lives in Pennsylvania, with her British husband and their two Russian-British-American boys. It's a lot to process so take your time. =)

I wouldn't describe myself as a "tree hugger," but my connection to nature runs deep. As a kid, I used to love drawing birds and landscapes. Eventually camera became my constant companion, or my "third eye."

I’m 100% self-taught. My philosophy in photography is the same as with all things in life: practice makes perfect. The only picture I ever regretted is the one I didn't take. As typical for creatives, I'm a night owl. This means you will not find me setting my tripod by the lake at 5AM to catch the sunrise. If I'm up that early it's because I'm editing sunsets or one of my kids is sick.

My goal is to create evocative images which require minimum post production work. But this doesn’t mean I don’t put my own spin on things. I find the editorial process as exciting as the image hunt! If I do go over the top, I can always count on my guys to tell me. 

What's with the name? I'd been racking my brain for months because my creativity took a break on my own brand! It didn't help that the internet is awash with Maria Costellos. I might as well be Smith! We're photographers, motorcycle racers and even a rare genetic disorder! My aha moments were either taken or getting the looks.

At the end of the day, my brand had to reflect me. So I started thinking about what photography means to me and how it translates into a product.

Photography is a lot of things: it's a passion, an outlet and an escape, but most importantly, it's a need. This makes DRAMARTFUL a hotchpotch.

Just as I enjoy various types of photography, my prints are available in a variety of products. Be it an intricate flower or an elusive bird, it will make for a great gift, add a unique conversation piece to your home or a speck of Zen to your office. Whatever your goals, let my creations inspire you. Please enjoy, visit my Shop and Events pages, and let's get decorating!

Dramartfully Yours,

Maria Costello