I first learned about dramartful cards when a very dear friend had given me one. Maria Costello is the woman that creates these well made, nature inspired cards. This is a no brainer opportunity to rethink the zombie like routine of buying overproduced, boring, predictable, unfunny, cards from a huge money grubbing corporation. Hallmark stopped trying a LONG time ago. Instead, support a small business and give a card that will not be forgotten.
— Tara Vetrulli
Maria Costello has an exceptional eye for nature’s minutiae. How she captures birds in mid-flight is amazing! Thank you for working with me to select just the perfect photo to make into a card for our son’s wedding. I was so disappointed finding the same cards everywhere. I wanted something unique and meaningful, and that’s just what you gave me. You made it so easy to find a card just as special as I had imagined, and it turned out beautifully. Thank you again!
— Lois Mitchell
Maria’s art, her pictures are not just refreshing and real, they do show what real interest, love and intellect in observing means, I love her devotion to showing this.
— Aat Valstar
Dramartful is indeed aptly named; the photographs in this collection are artful and beyond. Maria Costello’s artistic eye penetrates the heart of birds and flowers, freeing them to perform in supernatural ways that are, quite simply, uncanny. Maria Costello’s imagination meets nature where it is, focusing her lens wherever it’s invited, always stretching the boundaries of real. Maria Costello’s command of color, texture, and composition is astounding. These vivid and highly charged likenesses of nature immortalize the everyday beauty of a world we too seldom stop to notice. These photographs make us notice.
— Ellen Bluestone